Using Workflow, Drafts and Fantastical to Process iOS Reminders


Months ago, I was excited to learn that Editorial had a Reminders module. I wrote a python script to print out a list of incomplete reminders in Editorial. Problem is, I don't really use Editorial, I'm more of a Drafts guy, and now that I'm getting into Workflow (which also has Reminders support), I've written a new workflow to accomplish the same task.

The problem that needs solving: I keep my reminders in the iOS Reminders app, which leaves a lot to be desired. I usually work with my reminders in Fantastical, mostly to set alerts. However, I often look at an overdue reminder and think, "This does not have a hard due date, it's just something I need to do #someday." So I remove the alert, which makes it pretty much invisible in Fantastical due to how I've configured my settings. So I need a way to view (and process) incomplete reminders that have no alert associated with them. 

My workflow does the following: