New Workflow: Download a Tumblr Image


Here is a Workflow for downloading an image from a Tumblr post. I have not tested it on photosets. Install the workflow; then copy a Tumblr permalink to your clipboard and run the workflow. It will download the highest resolution image to your Camera Roll. 

I am using the Tumblr photo posts API for this workflow. In my testing, an API key is not required to get information about this type of post, but I have included an action within the workflow for a key, which you can get if you register an application.

Essentially, if I take a permalink from a Tumblr, I can extract the host name ( and post ID (127161182254) and get a JSON response at Then I can move down the "tree" until I get the url for the original_size image.

The Workflow, Step-by-Step, Explained