iOS 9's "Remind me of this" is unfair


iOS 9 has a new Siri feature in which, if you are in an app that supports Handoff, you can say "remind me of this" on a particular page in the app, and an iOS Reminder will be created that includes that app's icon. When you click on the icon, you are brought back to that specific page within the app.

I tried this with Evernote, and it worked like a charm. The problem is that I am limited to going to Reminders to click on that direct link; the link is not accessible to me to use in other apps. (Oh poor me.)

The only other way I know of to go directly to a note within Evernote is via this solution that uses Pythonista, although various users have enabled a similar solution using javascript in Drafts:

(I haven't tried any of these because Pythonista works fine for me.)

However, the above solutions requires the following steps:

Compared to "Remind me of this," that's a lot of work, but the advantage is that I can use that link anywhere (e.g, store it in Drafts, add it as an URL in a Fantastical reminder, save in Workflowy).

I also notice that Reminders is available in the Share sheet for an Evernote note. One has to follow the same steps as for the Pythonista/Drafts solution (i.e., share a Public or Private link), except a dialogue box pops up to add it as a reminder instead. 

Here is what share to Reminders vs. "remind me of this" looks like (from top down) in the Reminders app:

When you tap on the Safari icon, it brings you to a web version of the note. When you tap on the Evernote icon, it brings you to the note in Evernote. Obviously, for personal use the latter is preferable. It would be great if Reminders in the share sheet worked like "remind me of this" instead of linking to a note on the web. It still does not feel appropriate in all public spaces to talk to Siri.