Tips for One-Handed Use of the iPhone 6s Plus


Just got this big-ass phone over the weekend. It is near-impossible to use two-handed while riding on the subway if I have to hold on to a bar while standing, so I wanted to share some tips I have implemented so far to make one-handed use possible:

Reachability: Double tap the home button, and the top half of the screen will drop down to the bottom half. This is useful for reaching something that I could not ordinarily reach.

Accessibility: Here is a tip to get Notification Center with one tap. Go to General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut, and choose AssistiveTouch. This will enable you to get the AssistiveTouch target to show up when you triple-click the home button. Then go to AssistiveTouch > Customize Top Level Menu and reduce the number of icons to one, and assign that one icon to Notification Center. I let the AssistiveTouch target rest on the lower left side of my screen. Now when I tap on the target, Notification Center automatically swipes down.

This is what the AssistiveTouch target looks like:

Today Widgets: I have a bunch of actions in the Today widgets for both Launcher and Launch Center Pro. LCP lets you add any action to the widget, and if you upgrade Launcher you can get more than 8 actions in your widget, plus more actions like launching your favorite music artist. Some of the actions I have as Today widgets: add a reminder to Fantastical; iMessage my wife; jump to Bluetooth settings; send an URL on the clipboard to a variety of apps or websites.

I have not completely set up my home screen. With one-handed use, I can just barely reach the icons in the fourth column. Ideally, I would put all the important apps in the first three columns so that is not an issue.

Have any one-handed tips? Please share below in the comments.