Bookmarking for Workflowy on the iPhone


I just got a new iPhone, and found out -- to my surprise -- that I can paste an OPML file into the Workflowy iOS app and it will convert to an outline. I previously shared a javascript bookmarklet for desktop use (and if you browse the comments section you will find a much better one), but the Workflow app obviates the need for a bookmarklet in mobile Safari. So I've written a workflow that will turn the current web page into an OPML file that -- when pasted into Workflowy -- shows as the web page's title with its URL in the note field.

While on your iOS device, install this workflow. Then make sure you have Workflow enabled as a share extension in Safari. When you are on a web page, click on the share icon, choose "Run Workflow," then tap on "opml." Then go to Workflowy, and just hit paste (in my testing, even if the cursor is at the end of a line, a new node will be created). 

This workflow uses find/replace to convert the characters ?<>" to xhtml entities so that the title won't break if it contains any of them. You can use this page as a test. If you run into any edge cases that don't work with the workflow as it is written, please share in the comments section.