Time for a new iPhone


As I've written about previously, I have a 4s and have been holding out for four years to upgrade. Well, now I'm ready, and I've decided to go all out and get the 6s Plus 128 gig model. I want my next phone to last four years, and I think getting one that will (a) not likely max out on memory; and (b) be maximally upgradeable to new iOS updates will make that possible. I've already cracked my iPad screen and gotten a lousy replacement, and although my family has a couple of Amazon Fire tablets, they are crap, so a larger phone will hopefully replace my desire for a new iPad.

The cost is prohibitive; I'll be spending $950 over the course of however long I can spread payments to AT&T. However, I know I will use the fuck out out of it, so I'm willing to pay the price.

I'm looking forward to:

  • Using Apple Pay.
  • Unlocking the phone and 1Password with my fingerprint.
  • Using Workflow.
  • Having extensions and notification center widgets on my phone.

  • One thing that irked me about yesterday's announcement is Apple's payment plan that will allow a customer to upgrade to a new phone every year. That seems to me excessively wasteful. Smartphones use up valuable resources, and this move seems to contradict whatever efforts Apple is making on the ecological front. I mean, yes, they're a business, but I feel they are putting out a message that planned obselescence is a good thing.