Bookmarking with Workflowy


I've realized recently that bookmarking services are not necessary if one uses Workflowy to organize information.

It is easy to keep track of links in Workflowy using the notes feature. Just type in the title of a page on a node, and then hit Shift-Return to add the URL for that page underneath it (or you can hover over the circle to the left of your text and tap on "Edit Note").

If you are used to using a service like Pinboard to add multiple tags to a bookmark, it is easy enough to tag a node in Workflowy -- just type @ followed by a string.

A Bookmarking Bookmarklet

I've written a bookmarklet to help bookmarking for Workflowy easy. It is adapted from a note-taking bookmarklet I wrote for Workflowy supports the importing of OPML (outliner processor markup language): you can simply copy an OPML file to your clipboard and paste it directly into an empty node in Workflowy.

Just drag this link below to your bookmarks bar:

Workflowy Bookmark

or manually create a new bookmark and use the following code in the "edit address" area:

javascript:alert('<opml><body><outline text="'+document.title+'" _note="'+location.href+'"/></body></opml>');

If you were on Google and clicked on the bookmarklet, you'd get an alert like the following:

Just copy the code to your clipboard, and create a new node in Workflowy and hit Paste. You'll see this: