Testing myWordEditor 0.67

Now with more Medium!


posted July 24, 2015

Dave Winer just wrote about his latest release of myWordEditor, which allows a user to blog from their own server. I am running this from an installation of nodeStorage on Heroku. The actual editor is running on jeffreykishner.com (that is, all the GitHub files for myWordEditor are living on this domain), and I have my config.json file set up so that I am using my own server instead of Dave's. The actual HTML files for the blog are living in an Amazon s3 bucket.

Today's release of MWE is significant because Dave is incorporating the open-source medium-editor. Prior to that, one could blog in Markdown, but now there is a pop-up wysiwyg like in Medium. All one has to do is highlight a word and then choose how to style it (or add a link).

To add an image, I can simply drag an image into the textarea. So the cool thing about MWE is that it looks like the published version while I'm writing it. And the added benefit is that it does not exist in a silo like Medium. I run it completely on my own server, so I have complete control over what I publish (i.e., Medium can't take it down).

The odd thing about this editor is that the image above that I dragged into the textarea is encoded in base64, it's not a traditional png. (Right-click on it and open it in a new tab, and look in the address field.) I have absolutely no experience with this, nor do I know about the ups and downs of using encoded images. However, it works!

MWE has partial Markdown support (within paragraphs). So if I put asterixes around this it shows up italicized in the published version.

However, the Markdown processor only works if you click on "Use the Markdown processor" in the settings:

Overall, I'm happy with where MWE is going and I hope it gets user adoption and more testing. If you are not up for running your own server, you can try it out here.