Punch Brothers at Celebrate Brooklyn!


posted July 20, 2015

I went to see Sarah Jarosz and Punch Brothers last night at the Prospect Park bandshell. It was a great show.

It started on time (!) and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Sarah's songs hold up well without a backup band; I would attribute it to her both her excellent songwriting and stellar guitar and banjo playing.

Once the Punch Brothers came on, it started raining, and it poured all night. Every time lightning struck, the crowed cheered. Several times the band expressed their gratitude to the crowd for sticking around despite the weather. They played an extended encore just because they were so happy to have an appreciative, dedicated crowd.

One thing that strikes me about the Punch Brothers is that although on the surface they're a contemporary bluegrass band, they create the energy of a rock group. Chris Thile is a strong frontman: not only is he one of the best mandolinists alive and a strong vocalist, but he's funny, dynamic, and easy on eyes. (He's also a musical genius.)

Here are a few photos I found on Instagram/Twitter from the evening:

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Grinding to punch brothers pic.twitter.com/l7hBs2lhv6

— meow (@EmileeLindner) July 10, 2015