Not All Shows Are Meant to Be Binge-Watched


posted June 30, 2015

I finished Daredevil on Netflix last weekend. I pretty much watched one episode per week. Part of this was due to time-constraints -- no one else in my family was interested, so I consigned myself to watching it alone when my family members were otherwise occupied. I also just don't have that much time to watch hour-long TV shows during the week. Even so, I don't think I could have watched Daredevil more than once per week. Some of the episodes were so gruesomely violent that it took me a few days just to want to see the next episode.

Occasionally I asked myself why I was subjecting myself to a traumatic experience. I don't watch Saw-type films; in fact, I rarely watch horror at all. Even though a "comic book TV show" is not horror, this show was sometimes horrific. I'm used to Marvel movies where it's rare to even see blood, but Daredevil, if it were a movie, would garner a hard R rating in my opinion. Nonetheless, I found the show so compelling and well-executed that I continued until the end.

One could say that House of Cards features a high level of Machiavellian cruelty (not to mention murder) but I had no problem digesting several episodes of the show in one weekend, so I assume Daredevil's physical violence is what got to me. TV needs to be processed, and just like any art form, sometimes I want to listen to or view the same thing many times, and other times once is all I can handle.