New Editorial Workflow: List Your Reminders


posted June 17, 2015

Yesterday I wrote an Editorial workflow to list incomplete reminders from pre-defined lists. This morning I have iterated upon that workflow. The new one presents a popup list of all your iOS reminders lists.

#coding: utf-8
import workflow
import reminders
import editor

all_calendars = reminders.get_all_calendars()
cal = ''
for calender in all_calendars:
    cal = cal + calender.title + '\n'


After you choose a list, the workflow creates a markdown header in your text file, followed by a list of all incomplete reminders for that list.

import reminders
import editor
import workflow

list = workflow.get_variable('list')

editor.insert_text('# '+list) 

cals = reminders.get_all_calendars()

for calendar in cals:
        if calendar.title == list:
                tvs = reminders.get_reminders(calendar,completed=False)
                for x in tvs:
                        editor.insert_text('* ' + x.title) 


A new line is inserted after the list, so that if you run the workflow again in the same document, a new subheader and list will print right below the first list.

Import the Workflow

Use an URL Scheme for This Workflow

If you want to create a new markdown file called "lists" and run the workflow from Launch Center Pro, you can use this URL action: