Send a Reminder to Fantastical 2 via Pushbullet from Any Computer


I work at an office computer that is not associated with my iCloud account and where I cannot install Mac App Store apps, and I don't like having to type text into my iPhone when I'm at a keyboard. I have come up with various solutions in the past. I wrote Taskpusher in PHP, which uses URL schemes to send info to apps on your iPhone using Pushover. I've written a command line Unix script for Pushover as well. Recently, I've been using Pushbullet a lot, so I figured I'd make use of their API to create a reminder on my iPhone using Fantastical 2.

This web app will let you write a reminder in natural language in the browser, and send a push notification to your phone. When you open the notification and tap "open link," a reminder will be saved in Fantastical.

I've also written a companion web app that will get you all the device IDs associated with your Pushbullet account, provided you enter your Access Token.

Everything happens in the browser, communicating with Pushbullet, thanks to Javascript.