My Progressed Sun Will Soon Enter Taurus, and I'm a Bit Freaked Out


posted April 24, 2015

I felt moved to check my astrological progressions today, because I've been feeling more angry/irritated than my transits would indicate. (In secondary progressions, a day of planetary movement is equivalent to a year of one's life, so at age 45 I'm looking at where the Sun was when I was 45 days old.) Turns out that my progressed Sun has moved past a conjunction to my natal Mars at 29 Aries, but is still within the recommended orb of 30 minutes. (Sun is ego and purpose; Mars is anger and action.) This also means that in about half a year, my progressed Sun will move into Taurus, and spend the next 30 years of my life there.

I will admit to some trepidation. Every since I was a teenager, my progressed Sun has been in Aries. As ostensibly laid-back Piscean as I am, I have had a restless energy. I'm on my second career at 45 (third if you count an aborted attempt to earn a PhD); I've created many blogs and tried my hand at self-employment in areas including astrological counseling, psychotherapy, and website development. I've become an internet jack of all trades: I can write and edit; set up a website and a server; do some coding in PHP and Javascript; tweak CSS and format in HTML. All because I didn't want to pay someone to help me develop my websites.

Creatively, I've jumped around quite a bit, too. As a young teen, I was an excellent pencil artist. When I hit a wall and realized I wasn't expressing my vision via visual art, I moved on to music. I learned jazz piano improvisation, and composed a lot of Windham Hill-ish piano music. When I started feeling like I wasn't growing as a musician, I moved on to dance, which I've been practicing religiously for a dozen years.

All this to say that I've made a lot of changes in the last thirty years. I do have some stick-to-it-iveness with Saturn in Taurus, but if I'm not feeling inspired, I have no problem dropping something and moving on to my next passion project. So I'm curious to see how I will change deep down when my progressed Sun moves into Taurus. This will be my "middle-age into retirement" phase, after all. I'm still not feeling settled with regards to my career development. (I'm not saying that Taureans don't grow but there can be a propensity to settle into a comfortable groove.) Maybe I'll feel less "itchy" and more accepting of the way things are, who knows.

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