Treading Water


posted April 23, 2015

In my dance practice, teachers use the term treading water to refer to the dance you fall back on when you feel you just can't go on. When the "wave" reaches Chaos, and the music is hardcore, and the energy is pumping, and you need to fall back, you just go left, right, left, right, keep moving and breathing, until your juice comes back. You don't sit down at the periphery of the room and watch everyone else boogie; you do the equivalent of the doggie paddle to keep from drowning.


The point: there is a way to not give up, to keep moving on, while being mindful. Yes, there are times when you just have to have a drink (if you're not an alcoholic!), or zone out in front of the TV, or yes, sit at the edge of the room and watch everyone else boogie. But the "practice" is to tread water, to let your body fall into that left, right until you're ready to reach for more again.