Publishing from MyWord Editor on my Own Server

I did it!


posted March 25, 2015

Today I managed to create a nodeStorage server on Heroku, and then connect myWordEditor to it. As a result, I can publish a post to my own domain.

MyWord Editor differs from myWord in that the former stores all essay content in an Amazon S3 bucket, and identity is managed through Twitter. With myWord, one can use an url parameter to pull in a json file that is hosted anywhere that supports cross-origin resource sharing (like Dropbox).

With my own server, theoretically anyone with a Twitter account can publish essays on (not that I would welcome that!). I am hoping for the ability to whitelist or blacklist Twitter users, but for now I am just not announcing my server URL.

I still have problems with the concept of MyWord: the content exists as json in a pagetable instead of as static content in the HTML proper. I am not a search engine expert, but I wonder how crawlable this content will be. However, it is nice to be able to publish a Medium-style essay on my own site. I can pull up old essays and edit and republish them; the editor auto-saves entries, and I can save them as draft and come back to them when I want to publish them.

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