On Serving One's Content in Facebook


posted March 31, 2015

I'm a small-time publisher, so the news that FB is partnering with companies like the New York Times to serve content directly on the platform (instead of making users wait a few seconds to click on a link to view the content on the Times' website) has prompted me to think how this would affect my business.

Sasstrology's income comes from a variety of sources:

I can honestly say that if I were only relying on Google Adsense income, I would have shut down the site ages ago or just let it die a slow death. For many years, I've primarily relied on psychic sites to direct advertise on Sasstrology. Although psychic readings in my opinion have absolutely nothing to do with astrology (unless a psychic uses astrology as a tool), there is obviously an overlap in reader interest; otherwise my direct advertisers would have moved on. (This is something Facebook would likely know from all the data it has accrued from its members.)

As a publisher, I would have to look at how much inbound traffic I would lose if the type of FB reader who only visits Sasstrology via clicking on a link in her feed chooses to read Sasstrology content within FB instead. Would the rev-share make up for what I would lose if she never visited Sasstrology?

If I were only relying on Google Adsense, then serving content on FB would be a no-brainer. But I would lose many money-making opportunities if a FB reader only read Sasstrology content within that silo.